Having maintained steady economic growth over the years, it is time to make India a knowledge society/hub.


Having maintained steady economic growth over the years, it is time to make India a knowledge society/hub.

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, a man must have surplus amount of knowledge to excel. India has been steady with its economic growth over the years, but it is one of our dream to make India a knowledge hub. India is  presumed to be blessed as many of the intellectuals and brainy people have taken birth here. They had to struggle hard to prove their mettle as the facilities were not up to the mark and hence they transcended the nation’s boundaries in search of their destiny by utilizing the outside influences. To achieve the dream aforesaid we have already constituted a body named National Knowledge Commission but it is not enough to make India a knowledge hub. It may be termed as the first initial step towards it. However the Human resource development ministry, University grant commission and National knowledge commssion must act unanimously to turn this pipe dream into a realty. The primary requirement of uplifting our standards in the education and knowledge sector is of finances. Therefore, sufficient amount of finances should be made available to provide the facilities at par with the world universities. Another very important prerequisite of making our country a knowledge hub is to establish various universities and colleges at par with the standard of the world universities. The foundation must also be strong and hence required attention must be given to primary education. Faculty of these institution must be very carefully appointed. To sum up it is not an unachievable project, we can do it by converging our energies and paying every bit of attention it requires.


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  1. Excellant thought for upliftment of the country as a whole. No doubt knowledge is behind every success and development of a Nation. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.

    However, I would add that knowing is not enough its application for the upliftment of the Nation is must and also there must be opportunities for such knowledgeable people.

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