A Special Relationship


Goodmorning everyone, yet another freezing day, making our life even more miserable. I have this very strong aversion towards winter.But being an optimist, I always see the glass half filled. Winter, this year is an exhilarating experience for me. I have found someone who is very close to my heart. The unconditional love that he showers on me is something that I am going to cherish for years to come. Our relationship is flourishing with each passing day and I want to nurture it with the seeds of my love and fertilizers of faith. It all started when I took my chair outside to enjoy the sunlight. For 2-3 days I didn’t even realise that someone has started sitting next to me. At 4th day, When I tried to stand up, I staggered a bit and after a few seconds I found out the reason for it…..a small little puppy was sitting under my chair. I made him comfortable in my lap. He started wagging his tail and a new bond arose instantly. We became friends…:)

We started sharing our feelings by using our own language. The speciality of our friendship is that we dont have any expectations from each other….no demands, no complaints just an everlasting bond……Hope it continues till infinity.


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  1. Wow! you almost created a suspense of being into a ‘normal’ relationship. But, nevertheless, beautiful portrayal and genuine emotions. You, despite my apprehensions, have proved yourself to be quite comfortable and able in expressing your emotions. Kudos!
    And finally hoping that your friendship survives all odds to emerge stronger and better

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