We all, must have seen the Aircel commercial that is being broadcast these days in almost every leading channels. Had it been a fairness cream commercial or featured our beloved movie stars, We, undeniably,would have paid more heed to it. The advertisement somewhere lacks magnetic appeal as it comes across as more of a preacher and hence fails to draw the enormous attention of our youth and their considerable support. However, it drew my attention as it is for a cause that I can relate to. The objective of this campaign can’t be overlooked as  it is to SAVE our most important asset of our country – The king of Jungle & Our National animal “The Tiger”. The count of this majestic beast is depleting at a very fast pace, Only1411 are left in India which is an alarming situation. I completely understand that writing of one blog won’t ease out the creulty against these beautiful animals.But I have a firm belief that it is going to make a difference. Awareness is one vital aspect of this campaign and I am doing my bit. Even the MNC’s are joining this movement against illegal poaching and securing the future of this animal. The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept is gaining importance rapidly. They have adopted this phenomenon with open arms. The stake of these companies in this revolution is appreciable.If We dont act now, will lose something that is very precious to us. And if we lose it,we would be ashamed of ourselves. So, Come on everyone join this roar against brutality faced by our national heritage and assist in getting them rid of their atrocities.Do SMS Write blogs, make people aware and if we’ll be able to change a single hunter’s mind. We would be delighted……….:)


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