A Journey Of A Million Miles Must Begin With The First Step

A lot of euphoria has been associated with the word “first” since times immemorial. The day we took our first step, the day we uttered, for the first time, the most divine word “Maa”, the first day at our school. One thing that is common to all the first time experiences is the excitement, the nervousness & the thrill that accompanies such moments and the memories that we relish for all times to come . Only a few days back, I began a new phase of my life. I was stepping into my professional life. It was my first day at office. I woke up early that day, got ready and then, left for office. The magnificently built Sena Bhavan on a misty, winter morning is such a pleasure to the eyes and the soul. On my way to my Block, I couldn’t help noticing the plantation and beauty of nature spread all around my office. It was a delight for a nature’s lover like me. I reached my office on time and entered my room and made myself comfortable on a sofa. Being an introvert, I was sitting quietly and suddenly someone interrupted, “Ma’am Please come her|”. I looked here and there and maintained a status quo. One more time, the same voice fell on my eardrums and I realized that the person was addressing me only and that was an altogether new experience for me – the experience of being addressed not by my first name, but Ma’am! I was having myriad of emotions. I was elated by understanding the fact that I am a grown up now and was little nervous also that I have to shoulder many responsibilities. One of my wish also got fulfilled here, as I got a chance to meet and interact with Mr Upamanayu Chatterjee, of whom I am a huge admirer and a voracious reader of his books. I got to meet him personally here in my professional capacity and that gave me a big high. The very first day, I also got a chance to interact with my colleagues at Office. In no time, we formed an everlasting bond, and I am elated to see that my relationship with them is flourishing with each passing day and I, in my best capacity, am nurturing it with the seeds of my love and fertilizers of faith. Lastly, I feel blessed being posted at heart of AFHQ and pray to the Almighty to give me the strength and wisdom so that I have able to meet the expectations set forth for me, and at times, achieve even more than that.


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